Many Types Of Scooter Equipment Serviced

We repair and service most Scooters:
Golden Tech
Invacare, Etc.
Just call and ask…we have probably fixed just about everything on the market
You need your mobility…we will do everything possible to get your Scooter back up and running for you in short order.
Joysticks, electronics, tires, mechanical breakdowns, we have seen a great deal over the years.

This is especially true for those who use their scooters as their primary way of getting around.
We get it…you need someone who is good at what they do…you found him. Give me a call. Phone: 517-980-1892
Glad to be of assistance.

Your Location Or Ours
Our technicians are equipped to deal with a wide variety of service and repairs directly in your home. When more in-depth repair is required, your equipment is brought to one of our facilities for diagnostics and repair.